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Does health take a holiday? Physical activity on holiday

For many, holidays in the Algarve serves to change their routine, to do something that was not possible the rest of the year, and that includes forgetting about staying healthy for a few days and indulging in excesses. Will health take a holiday? Find out why you should not neglect your health and fitness when you visit us and how you can turn your holiday into something fun and healthy at the same time.

Why should you stay active during the holiday?

In many cases, a holiday in the Algarve is just an excuse to leave exercise aside and devote body and soul to relaxation and fun. We know that everything has to be balanced, and even on holiday, you should not break with the physical activity your body is used to all year round. Your inactivity will cause your muscles to atrophy quickly and your joints to lose mobility, so all that effort will have been for nothing. You are unlikely to return to good habits after the holiday break, so stay active, even with a lighter exercise schedule for your holiday.

Even if you are only staying in the Algarve for a few days, you are considered sedentary if you do not burn at least 300 calories every day. So, if you don't exercise while on holiday and still eat too much, you're simply worsening your health. What should you avoid, to prevent becoming sedentary?

1. Avoid short trips by car during your holiday, if you can walk, do it and enjoy every detail of this charming village.

2. Escalators and lifts are a quicker way to get from A to B, but imagine that those minutes up or down will help you burn a good part of the 300 calories you have to lose every day. The effort will be worth it.

3. Excessive consumption of processed foods is something you should avoid, not only during the holidays but always! Take advantage of the many markets of fresh food in Lagos and take seasonal fruit with you to the beach or any other activity as a snack.

Where can you practice sports in the Algarve?

This is the easiest task, all you need to bring in your suitcase is a good portion of will! In the Algarve, there are many places where you can do outdoor sports and enjoy the good weather and sea breeze. You will see that these are the main ingredients to stay active during the holiday.

1. Beach walks - There is two good news about beach walks during your stay in Estrela da Luz: firstly, the beach is only a few minutes away from the resort, and secondly, your body can lose about 200 calories during a one-hour walk in the sand. Apart from these benefits, a walk on the beach also helps to reduce stress levels, and in just 30 minutes, you can get your daily dose of vitamin D by exposing yourself to the sun. If you want to intensify your workout, take a walk by the sea and force your legs to move in the water.

2. Plan your walks on the Blue Flag beaches of the Western Algarve.

3. Swimming in the sea or pool - Not everyone has the opportunity to have the sea just a few kilometres from their house or even a swimming pool. On holiday it's different, and here in Estrela da Luz the sea is only a few minutes away, and there are several pools where you can swim in the morning. Did you know that swimming works most muscles at the same time, increases flexibility, and improves breathing by forcing more oxygen into the bloodstream by strengthening your rib cage muscles? If you did not know about these benefits, swim for your health on holiday!

4. Gym on holiday - It's an advantage of staying in Estrela da Luz to have a gym with the best Technogym equipment at your disposal for free. Here you will find weights, bikes, treadmills and other equipment to help you stay healthy. The gym is a great way to meet other guests who have the same desire to be active on holiday. Team up with a partner and organise physical activities outside the resort.

What should you eat on holiday to stay healthy?

Use the holidays to start or resume a healthy diet free of processed foods, which are one of the greatest evils to our well-being. Go for fresh, seasonal and local food and experience the true taste of food produced in the Algarve. In addition to choosing your food carefully, it's also important to stay hydrated, especially if you're coming in the summertime. Do you know any healthy and tasty dishes in the Algarve? Check out our suggestions for a balanced diet on holiday.

1. Fresh fish - Fresh fish is a popular food in Portugal, with roots in several Portuguese recipes, particularly those from the Algarve. Except during the months when each species has a closed season, fish is auctioned almost every day. Eating this delicacy brings numerous health benefits, such as vitamins and minerals that can fight osteoporosis, prevent premature skin ageing and improve memory. Whether grilled, boiled or baked, fish always tastes good. Just remember to serve it with a fresh Algarve salad and boiled potatoes. Try simple but tasty recipes in Lagos restaurants.

2. Hydration - Should we drink more water in the summer? The answer is yes! The days are getting longer, the heat is getting hotter, and if you are going to be physically active on holiday, you must drink the right amount. In summer, sweating causes significant fluid loss due to the high temperatures, so it is crucial to drink water even if you do not feel thirsty. Do you know how many litres of water you should drink per day? There is no proper formula, as you should consider the following factors: Age, gender, state of health, season and the respective physical activity, but you can stick to these considerations:


Teenagers up to 17 years old - 40 ml per kg;

From 18 to 55 years old - 35 ml per kg;

From 55 to 65 years old - 30 ml per kg;

Over 66 years old - 25 ml per kg.


To help our planet and your daily hydration, the Estrela da Luz offers reusable glass bottles that you can fill up at the filtered water stations. Ask at the reception for your bottle and use it inside and outside the resort. Check out these and other eco-friendly initiatives implemented by the CDB Resorts Group.

3. Alcohol - We are not saying that you should avoid alcohol at all costs because you are on holiday and there will be moments when you just want to relax with friends and a drink. We advise you to drink moderately, preferably in the evening when the temperatures are lower. Alcohol accelerates the dehydration process and adds unwanted calories to the organism.

Discover some of the region's wineries and taste the Algarve's best wines during your holiday.


Spend your holiday in the Algarve without ever forgetting that health comes first because health does not make a holiday! Work out in our gym or choose an idyllic setting to practise your sport in the Algarve. Spend a health-friendly holiday in Estrela da Luz!