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Free Things to do in the Algarve - Part 1

We know that a holiday in the Algarve is priceless and that every cent spent on a relaxing holiday by the sea is one of the best investments of the year. But we also know it's possible to visit the Algarve without spending a fortune and still have a fantastic holiday. After all, the best things in life are free, and this is possible in the Algarve. Discover some free activities in the area to help you make the most of everything this location has to offer.

We have a list of activities and places you can visit without spending a penny on your 2023 summer holiday. Plan your holiday based on our suggestions.

1. Windmill - Odeceixe

One of Don Quixote's giants continues to turn its arms to the taste of the Atlantic wind in Odeceixe. This windmill stands on one of the highest points in the municipality, from where you can admire the streets of white houses and see the path of the Stream Seixe to the sea. The municipality has restored the mill so that visitors can learn about the process of wind-powered grain milling. The miller, or mill owner, was in charge of steering the sails to catch the wind, bringing the grain into the grinding area, and performing other maintenance duties.

Inside the mill are two horizontal stone wheels, one driven by the force of the wind against the other. The grain is processed into flour and placed between the two stones. It is an ancient process brought by the Arabs that still arouses admiration and curiosity today. If you've never been inside a windmill, now's your chance. It is located in Odeceixe, at the Serro da Igreja, and can be visited free of charge from 10:00 to 16:30 from June to September (closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays).

2. Virtual Museum - Vila do Bispo

A virtual museum that takes you to real corners of Vila do Bispo. To take part in this free activity, simply download the application "BispoGo - Museu da Paisagem" and follow the instructions given by the hostess Windy, a red-crested jay. There are five themed routes to follow and discover 72 points of interest, but you can also customise the routes and make the detours you feel are necessary to get to know the Vila do Bispo like no other. With this app, you can discover the fauna and flora, geo-monuments, dinosaur footprints, Roman ruins, beaches, natural landscapes and much more.

This app is available for Android e IOS, works offline, and only requires that GPS is turned on. The content of the app is in Portuguese and English.


3. Interpretation Centre - Vila do Bispo

Another free entry point in Vila do Bispo. This place promotes knowledge, conservation and exchange of local heritage in natural and cultural landscape areas, tangible and intangible heritage. The Interpretation Centre hosts various initiatives throughout the year, such as exhibitions of classical art, traditional art or scientific and educational exhibitions. On the façade of this building, there is an urban artwork by the Portuguese artist Kruella d'Enfer entitled "Places of Globalisation", which can be visited at any time.

This space is open every weekday from 10.00 to 16.30. For more information, click on this link.


4. Sagres Fortress

Sagres Fortress stands as one of the Algarve's most renowned and historically significant sites. Situated on the tip of Sagres, commanding breathtaking views of the expansive Atlantic Ocean, it was constructed during the fifteenth century. Today, it preserves a wealth of historical heritage, featuring a fortified wall, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça, and a magnificent compass rose embedded in the ground.

Admission is free until 2 pm on Sundays and public holidays exclusively for national residents. For other times, individual tickets are priced at €3. Discover more about ticket options for the Sagres monument.


5. Cape St. Vincent - Sagres

Following the theme of this text, let us show you another place with a free admission that is worth your visit. Cabo de São Vicente is the outermost point in the southwest of Portugal and mainland Europe. It was once a place of worship, built in 1516 by D. Fernando Coutinho, a Franciscan monastery, and converted into a lighthouse in 1846. Today, its beam of light is visible up to 32 miles (51.5 km) away and is considered one of the lighthouses with the greatest range in Europe. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the inside of the lighthouse, but around the lighthouse, you have incredible views of some of the strangely shaped rock formations such as the boot-shaped rock. Within the walls, there is a bar with a terrace and a gift shop with the most beautiful window display in the Algarve. Find out about the location of this monument in Sagres.


Our suggestions for free entry activities and places to visit in the Algarve do not end there. Follow the Estrela da Luz Holiday Resort blog to read the second part of this text. We hope you will visit these and other places in the Algarve by then.