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Free Activities in the Algarve in 2023 - Part 2

A holiday in the Algarve is priceless, as are certain activities. This is the second part of an article about free activities in the Algarve in the summer of 2023, with suggestions for free events and places. If you haven't read the first part, click on this link to learn about the free activities.


Photo by Link Hoang – Unsplash

1. Portimão Wine Tasting - Santa Catarina Fortress

In this unique setting, Portimão's wines take centre stage for three nights. Admission to this event is free and held in front of Santa Catarina Fortress in Praia da Rocha. Along with the city's wine brands, you can also indulge in delicacies paired with the wines. The glass costs 2 euros, and each tasting ranges from 2.50 euros (vintage wines) to 3 euros (reserve wines). This event will run from 21st to 23rd July, from 8 pm to 12 am. For further information, visit the municipality's event page.

2. Verão Azul - 1º de Dezembro Garden, Portimão

Moreover, in the Algarve, free activities are hosted in a central garden in Portimão to pay tribute to Portuguese authors and poets in a distinctive literary event. The latest literary gathering - Verão Azul - is scheduled for 22nd July, honouring the poet Natália Correia. Actress Lia Gama will be reciting her poetry at 6.30 pm in the 1º de Dezembro garden, adjacent to the Portimão Municipal Theatre.

3. Sons e Sabores no Convento - Church of the Nuns, Lagos

Enjoy this free event "Sons e Sabores no Convento" at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo (Igreja das Freiras) in Lagos. Organised by the Associação do Grupo Coral de Lagos and the Conservatório de Música e Artes de Lagos, it promises to enchant throughout the summer, from 11 July to 20 August. The concerts will feature musicians Inês Tavares and Gerson Coelho. Admission is free and offers a unique musical experience in a historic setting.

4. World Press Photo - Antiga Lota, Portimão

One of the most prestigious photography exhibitions makes a comeback in Portimão at the Antiga Lota, a recently revamped venue by the river. From 27th July to 16th August, you will view the winning works from the latest edition. The images were taken in 2022 in hostile environments such as Ukraine and Iran. The exhibition features 94 photos, and the opening ceremony will be held on 27th July at 6.30 pm.

5. Art Exhibitions - LAC - Laboratório de Atividades Criativas, Lagos

LAC, an innovative space where creativity and freedom intertwine, showcases two exhibitions in the former Lagos prison. From 10th June to 28th July, these exhibitions are open for visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. The first exhibition, "Teoria do Caos em Seis Mãos," is a collaboration by Ricardo Cruzes, Ana Sousa, and Rui Borda, curated by Ricardo Cruzes. This exhibition presents the works of two photographers and a multidisciplinary artist, where no single piece stands alone, but all gain prominence together. The second exhibition, "Introspicio," features the artist António Brigas, offering a subject brimming with emotions and sensations, inviting viewers to experience the representation as the artist perceives it.

6. Feira Concurso Arte Doce - Lagos

This is the 34th edition, and admission is free to enjoy the regional delicacies of the Algarve as well as national and international music. Examples include concerts by the mythical Xutos e Pontapés, fado singer Carminho, Brazilian singer Vítor Kley and Álvaro de Luna from Spain. In addition, for five days, from 26 to 30 July, from 6 p.m. to midnight, the event will feature various show-cooking offers, a play area for the little ones and much more at the Lagos Sports Complex.

7. Lagos World Music - Praça do Infante, Lagos

A special festival celebrates cultural diversity through music and the exchange of experiences in the heart of the city centre. Entry is free, and music events will take place on the 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th August. The first day will showcase the Jasmina Petrovic Ensemble with sounds from Croatia. On the second day, the spotlight will be on the sounds of Bossa Nova from Brazil. 12th August is the time to immerse in the sound of Guinea Conakry, and finally, on 13th August, the band Al-Mouraria will take the stage, a Portuguese band commemorating its 20th anniversary.

8. White Night - Loulé

Don't miss the highly anticipated White Night in Loulé! After a few years of absence due to the pandemic, the event makes a stylish comeback to the city streets. Mark your calendars for 26th August, the last Saturday of the month, and be part of the celebration! Prepare to bid farewell to summer with much joy and positive energy, set to the backdrop of electronic music, chill-out beats, and captivating street animations. Admission is free, so all you need is a good mood and to dress in white to join this party, which has been a tradition for 16 years across various editions.

9. Banho 29 - Lagos

This tradition brings Lagos people and locals from all over the Algarve together for an unmissable party. On the 28th, the fun starts on the sandy beach or at the stage in the city centre. At midnight, dive 29 times to attract luck for the next 12 months. Take part in the competition for the best swimming costume (vintage costumes) and enjoy the music all evening. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable party with friends and family in a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Admission is free!


This summer of 2023, the Algarve provides a wide range of free activities. From music festivals celebrating cultural diversity like Lagos World Music to renowned photography exhibitions such as World Press Photo, and traditional events like Banho 29 in Lagos and Feira Concurso Arte Doce in Lagos. There is something for everyone and at no cost at all.