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Moonlit Serenity Spa – Sleep like a Feather

Do you always take the hectic pace of the day to bed with you? A good night's sleep makes you healthier and helps you get the most out of your day. For this reason, Estrela da Luz has created a day a week dedicated to good sleep and general well-being. From now on, Health & Beauty will be open until 10 pm every Saturday to offer you relaxing massages to help you sleep better. Sleep like a feather after our relaxing full-body massage - at Moonlit Serenity Spa - and feel the soothing relaxation in the hands of our therapists.

Did you know that adults over 25 usually get just 6 hours of sleep per night, and a considerable number confess to not getting restful sleep? Nowadays, sleep disorders significantly affect tasks demanding focus, like driving, working, and studying, and can have severe repercussions on overall health and well-being.

What are the benefits of relaxation massages?

Relaxing massages enhance sleep quality, mainly when performed right before bed. By releasing muscle tension through gentle touch, the body alleviates stress, reduces anxiety, boosts blood circulation, enhances skin elasticity, and fortifies the immune system. As a result, relaxing massages tackle insomnia and even aid in preventing headaches, lowering blood pressure for hypertensive individuals, and purging toxins from the body. The advantages of a relaxation massage before bedtime multiply with regular sessions, as the body becomes more attuned to touch, augmenting the overall impact.

Experience the indulgence of our relaxing massages at Moonlit Serenity Spa, where our skilled therapists handpick products that match the high standards of our spa. They've selected the renowned Skeyndor brand, trusted since 1966 for its proven quality and use of technology and science to promote well-being.

 Unwind with the benefits of an evening massage using the luxurious Skeyndor spa range. Embrace self-care and sleep as a feather!

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30 minutes – €35 per person | 50 minutes – €55 per person