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Algarve Itinerary: 5 Days in Lagos

When you are on holidays in the Algarve, do you only think about relaxing, having no plans and enjoying the moment? We agree with the easy holiday style to get away from it all. But while the first day of your holiday in the Algarve is still to come, let this five-day in Lagos itinerary inspire you and make sure you do not miss any of the best places to visit.

Read carefully and make notes about the places you really should not miss. If you need further recommendations or would like to book your visits, our reception team will take care of all the details.

Day 1 – 5 Days in Lagos

We recommend spending the first day of your holidays in the Algarve in the centre of the jungle, among various animal species. There is nothing better than observing and interacting with 150 species in near-natural habitats. Those who think that zoos are only for children are wrong. At Lagos Zoo, there is room for all ages to spend a day interacting with nature and watching the animals. This could be one of the best activities to start the holidays.

Start your day with a rich and healthy breakfast at Estrela da Luz, in the Calabaza restaurant, open from 08:00 to 10:30. If you get up early, you can still take the first dip of your holiday in one of the pools and soak up the morning sun. Lagos Zoo opens its doors at 10:00, and you can reach it by public transport from Lagos. If you want to make the most of the time, call an Uber. From Estrela da Luz, the journey takes just 13 minutes.

There are some interaction activities with the animals at the zoo that you can follow at certain times. The first is the pelican feeding at 11:30, followed by the otters and primates at 15:00 and the penguins at 16:00. In addition to these activities, you can also visit the educational farm or take a dip at Boulders Beach, a replica of the South African beach where a family of African penguins live. At the picnic area you can have lunch in full harmony with nature. Bring your lunch from home or buy it at one of the zoo's bars.

After a varied day, there is nothing better than ending the day with a typical Portuguese dinner at the Cangalho restaurant. It is located in the same area as Lagos Zoo, and every Tuesday, there is a Fado night.

Day 2 – 5 Days in Lagos

The proposal for the second day is full of activities related to science, gastronomy and relaxation in a very Portuguese place, and the best thing is that you can walk everywhere.

There's nothing better than discovering the history of the place where you are spending your holiday, and Lagos is full of stories from other times, as it was once the epicentre for sea voyages to overseas countries. If you are travelling with children, the Centro de Ciência Viva de Lagos is a good place to visit. See the permanent exhibition "Do astrolábio ao GPS" (from astrolabe to GPS), which recounts the Discoveries’ voyages through the science.

On the other hand, if you are travelling with adults only, you should take an urban art tour in Lagos. The association LAC offers several initiatives throughout the year where national and international artists do their artistic residencies in the city and exhibit their works on the blank walls of Lagos. Keep up to date with new tour dates, or make your tour by following the ARTURb project.

After learning a little about Portugal's history, it's time to try the local cuisine at the Mexilhão restaurant. The delicacies are fresh, and the big highlight is the fish and shellfish caught on the coast.


Spend the second part of the day on Batata beach, five minutes from the historic centre of Lagos, and end the day at the terrace bar of the region's most Portuguese place. Sip one of the newly invented cocktails or try the snacks made from local produce at Mar d'Estórias.


Day 3 – 5 Days in Lagos

On the third day of this itinerary, we suggest you pack your lunch and enjoy the fully equipped apartment you have booked in Estrela da Luz.

Get up early and discover the urban markets of Lagos. Take the products straight from the producer or freshly caught fish and seafood back to your apartment. All you have to do is visit at least one of the existing markets in the city. Below are the opening hours and addresses of each market:

  • Espiche Market: open from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 1 pm;
  • Santo Amaro Market: open from Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 3 pm;
  • Mercado da Avenida: open Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 2 pm;
  • Viv'o Mercado: every Wednesday, from 4 pm to 8 pm;
  • Levante Market: every Saturday, from 6 am to 2 pm (This market is temporarily held in the Complexo Desportivo de Lagos car park. From 2 July 2022 you will be able to visit the new facilities at the address given).

End the day at Luz beach in Lagos, have a snack and stay to watch the sunset.

Day 4 – 5 Days in Lagos

The fourth day of this itinerary is dedicated to a walk through the most emblematic streets of Lagos. In the historic centre, you can observe cultural life and the movement of a city that welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

After breakfast in Calabaza, head to the centre of Lagos and be enchanted by the various streets with their centuries-old tiled buildings and typical Portuguese pavements. The liveliest area is Gil Eanes Square, where visitors and artists socialize, and residents drink their coffee. It is common to see street artists performing spontaneously in this square in summer.

Stroll through the streets and discover the city's three churches with unique architectural details and an extensive collection of sacred art. Find out about the visiting hours of these churches in Lagos:

São Sebastião Church: open Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 11 am;

Santa Maria Church: open daily from 9 am to 7 pm

Santo António Church: open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.

If you still have some breath left after visiting the three churches, take the opportunity to visit two other museums in the historic centre. The Dr José Formosinho Museum is located right next to the Santo António Church. This museum dedicates to archaeology, sacred art, ethnography of the Algarve, numismatics and many other topics. The second museum is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city, just a few steps away from the first museum. In the Slave Market Museum (Mercado dos Escravos), the visitor gets an insight into the most regrettable part of Portuguese history.

Day 4 – 5 days itinerary in Lagos

The fourth day of this itinerary is intended for a walk through the most emblematic streets of Lagos. It is in the historic center that you can observe the cultural life and movement of a city that receives thousands of visitors annually.

After breakfast at Calabaza, head to the center of Lagos and let yourself be enchanted by the many streets full of century-old buildings covered in tiles and the typical Portuguese sidewalks. It is in the Gil Eanes square that there is more life, there are many visitors, artists, or residents who meet for a drink. In summer, it is common to find street artists performing spontaneously in this square.

Wander the streets and discover the city's three churches with unique architectural details and a vast collection of sacred art. See the opening hours of these churches in Lagos:

Igreja de São Sebastião : open from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and on Sunday, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am;

Church of Santa Maria : open daily from 09:00h to 19:00h;

Santo António Church : open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00h to 12:30h and from 14:00h to 17:30h.

After visiting the three churches, if you still have breath, take the opportunity to visit two more museums in the historic center. The Dr Museum José Formosinho is right next to the Church of Santo António and is a museum dedicated to archaeology, sacred art, Algarve ethnography, numismatics and many other topics. The second museum is located in one of the oldest buildings in the city a few steps from the first museum. At the Mercado dos Escravos , the visitor receives a perspective of the most regrettable part of Portuguese history.

Day 5 – 5 Days in Lagos

Is it your last day of holiday in Lagos? Enjoy it until the last second with a boat trip along the Algarve coast. A boat tour is one of the best ways to discover the natural beauty of the Algarve. On the boat tour, you may see the unusual rock formations around Ponta da Piedade as well as the seabirds that nest there. On longer trips, sail out to sea and observe the bottlenose dolphins that inhabit our coast. More information on booking a spot on one of these trips is available at reception.

At the end of our 5-day tour in Lagos, we recommend you relax at the Spa Health & Beauty Estrela da Luz. The well-being of the body and mind is of vital importance, and at our spa, you will find the perfect combination to achieve the level of health you desire. Take a look at the treatment menu and let the hands of the experienced therapists pamper you with the care of the excellent Elemis brand products. Book your treatment or massage at the reception.

Make a rough itinerary of the things you want to see in Lagos before the first day of your holidays in the Algarve. Follow these suggestions for a 5-day in Lagos itinerary to have the most fun on your holiday. Book your rest days with us directly here.