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Algarve Summer Events 2024

Summer has already begun, bringing good weather, music, and parties until dawn! If you're heading to the south of Portugal for your holidays, don't miss the chance to enjoy the best events in the Algarve. Plan your holidays and mark in your diary the 8 events that will define summer 2024 in the Algarve.

Spending summer 2024 in the Algarve? If your holiday includes a stay at Estrela da Luz, find out which events are on the line-up for the hottest season of the year and have fun with friends and family. Discover upcoming sports events, music festivals, and art exhibitions in the region.

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1. Bringing the Essential Into Beings exhibition


International artist Jens Mohr creates beings from discarded everyday objects, such as cans, wood, and other materials. Since the 90s in Germany, Jens has been transforming the basic into the essential. His narratives are evident in each character of his work, with humour always present.

The exhibition will be on show from June 14th to July 27th, 2024, at LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas.

2. Candlelit Cultures Market


This year's Candlelit Cultures Market will have the theme "Iberian Traditions," dedicated to the culture of the Iberian Peninsula. The event will feature candle-crafted symbols from both countries, including masks from Zamora and Bragança, as well as a tavern inspired by Celtic traditions and the Camino de Santiago. The event will include folk music concerts, flamenco and fado performances, and street entertainment.

The Candlelit Cultures Market will take place from 4th to 7th July.

3. Group Exhibition “Areal Três Gerações de Cor”


This visual arts exhibition showcases the work of artists António Areal, Sofia Areal, and Martim Brion (Areal). The works of this family explore movements such as surrealism, neo-dada, bad painting, photography, and sculpture.

The exhibition will be held at the Lagos Cultural Centre from 8th June to 3rd August. Admission is free.

4. Arte Doce Contest


In this event, regional sweets have taken centre stage for 35 years in Lagos City. This year's theme is 50 years of freedom in Portugal, and there will be performances, concerts, and numerous sweet exhibitions. The most anticipated moments are the concerts, with the following headliners: Expensive Soul (24th July), Fernando Daniel (25th July), Hybrid Theory - The Linkin Park Tribute (26th July), Plutónio (27th July), and on the final day (28th July), Luís Trigacheiro.

This event in Lagos will take place at the Lagos Sports Complex and the surrounding areas, with free entry.

5. Lota Cool Market

Be part of one of the coolest night markets in the Algarve. This year, Lota Cool Market will incorporate the celebration of Portimão's 100 years as a city, themed around "eCOOLegacy" representing a more inclusive and sustainable city. Like last year, a space will be dedicated to new artists showcasing their art. The marketplace will focus on sustainability and ecological products. Musical entertainment and food trucks will also be present near the old fish market of Portimão.

Lota Cool Market will take place from 24th to 28th July.

6. Sardine Festival

As the name suggests, this festival celebrates the sardine, a much-loved fish during the summer. In Portimão, various city restaurants will be represented, offering sardines, boiled potatoes, and the Algarve salad. Typical sweets and crafts and musical performances will also be showcased in the food and drink areas. Over six days, enjoy concerts by Aurea (30th July), Sara Correia (31st July), Anjos (1st August), Richie Campbell (2nd August), Marisa Liz (3rd August), and Delfins (4th August).

The Sardine Festival will take place along the riverside area of Portimão.

7. Fatacil

You must have heard of Fatacil, which happens every year in August. If not, it's the biggest fair of crafts, tourism, agriculture, commerce, and industry in the Algarve. During Fatacil, visitors get the chance to explore various stands showcasing crafts, gastronomy, national tourism, and much more from different regions of the country. The most anticipated events are undoubtedly the late-night concerts. They feature artists from various musical genres such as Os Quatro e Meia (16th), Ivandro (17th), D.A.M.A (18th), João Pedro Pais (19th), Carolina Deslandes (20th), David Carreira (21st), Julinho KSD (22nd), Amália Hoje (23rd), Calema (24th), and Xutos & Pontapés. (25th).

Fatacil takes place every year in Lagoa in August.

8. Banho 29

It's one of the most anticipated events for the people of Lagos and many visitors who eagerly await this annual historical reenactment. Tradition dictates taking a dip in the sea on the night of August 28th to 29th. It's believed that on this night, a swim counts for 29, and there's a kind of purification in the dive. The event symbolizes the end of summer, when field workers would come to the coastal areas and perform this ritual throughout the night. Today, it's a festival where musical moments and typical snacks abound in the streets of Lagos. The program for this event hasn't been announced yet, so keep an eye on the city council's page and don't miss taking a dip in the sea at midnight from August 28th to 29th.


Enjoy your holidays with the best summer events in the Algarve. For any questions about these or other events, please visit the reception at Estrela da Luz. Have a lively holiday with us!