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Face Month - Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz

With summer approaching, does the desire for exceptional skin increase? Take advantage of Face Month at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz to undergo personalized skin cleansing treatments. Follow our tips for radiant and visibly healthy skin.


What is a deep facial cleansing? 

A deep facial cleansing is a cosmetic procedure that should be carried out exclusively by beauty professionals or dermatologists. This treatment aims to deeply cleanse the skin, removing impurities, dead cells, and blackheads. At Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and involves ultrasonic peeling that helps even out the skin tone and provides radiance. At Health & Beauty, we recommend deep skin cleansing first for those who intend to undergo other treatments. Discover all our treatments.


How do you prepare your skin before a deep skin cleansing at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz? 

It's important to prep your skin beforehand for better results and to reduce the risk of facial irritations. 

You should maintain a daily skincare routine with gentle products suitable for your skin type. This step helps remove surface impurities and prepares the skin for a deeper cleansing at our Health & Beauty space. 

On the day of the skin cleansing, avoid makeup or minimize its use to prevent pores from being clogged by residues. 

In the days leading up to the skin cleansing, steer clear of abrasive products like harsh exfoliants, acids, or any that may harm the skin. 

Hydration is essential for beautiful skin, but you should carefully choose the products you use daily. Avoid using comedogenic creams in the days before the skin cleansing, as they can clog pores, resulting in breakouts or other irritations. 

Sunscreen is mandatory for your skin's health and should be applied before and after the skin cleansing. Always opt for a sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher. 

Please let our therapist know of any skin concerns or past treatments so that your skin cleansing can be personalized and tailored to you.


In which season should we do a deep skin cleansing?

Skin cleansing can be performed whenever necessary, regardless of the season. However, our therapists adjust the products and techniques according to the season due to the skin needs. The skin tends to become drier in winter, so it's important to use moisturizing and gentler products. While the skin may become oilier due to the summer heat, the choice of products will lean towards lighter and mattifying ones.


What is the appropriate frequency for skin cleansing?

The ideal frequency for skin cleansing varies based on skin type and specific needs and should be assessed by a professional (dermatologist or skin care therapist).

People with oily skin or prone to acne may need more cleansing throughout the year, while those with sensitive skin should limit facial cleansings to avoid irritations. 

It is recommended for individuals with normal skin to get a skin cleansing every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain a healthy appearance and radiance.


What treatments are available in Face Month - Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz? 

  • Deep facial cleansing (€50);
  • Deep facial cleansing + localized massage, lasting 90 minutes (€85);
  • Power Hyaluronic Skeyndor + express manicure, lasting 90 minutes (€60).


The “Face Month - Health & Beauty” event occurs every Monday and Thursday throughout May 2024.


Book your treatment now and pamper your skin for an even brighter summer.

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