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7 Tips for recharging batteries

This summer was crazy work? Running from one place to another without time for you? You may feel exhausted and lack energy. For this reason, Estrela Health & Beauty shares some tips to make you feel better, not only to prepare for the last quarter of the year, to start your kids' school or to get a better fall.
Put yourself in 1st place - We believe that you always end up by prioritizing others or doing things, but sometimes we have to relativize and say "enough"! Now I need some time for myself. From time to time you will do something for yourself and you will feel free and fulfilled.

Choose what you eat - Incredibly, the phrase "is what you eat" applies here. Sometimes poor nutrition in nutrients and vitamins is enough to leave you exhausted or upset. Focus on a diet rich in vitamins during the day: fresh red fruits, dried fruits, pumpkin and its seeds, spinach (for magnesium), mushrooms or broccoli (for iron) and ginger that improve digestion as well as mood .
Sleep Ritual - It is more important than the so-called "beauty sleep " thinks, because it actually affects directly how you will feel during the day. So try to create a ritual to go to sleep. Do not eat too much at night and try to relax before going to bed, are some of the advice of Estrela Health & Beauty.
Fluid intake - The more water to drink during the day, the better! Hydration is indispensable for the proper functioning of the body and mind, so drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! If in the summer we have the salads and the natural fruit juices, with the approach of autumn we have the soups, so there is no excuse.
Be active - If some days we do not even have time for anything, others may be a little lazy to speak louder, so touch it! Even just walking for 30 minutes a day is already a good help to feel better. Doing exercise to feel more energetic may seem like nonsense, but go for it! The more active you become, the more energized you become.
Get a grip on nature - Get away from the city environment filled with pollution and noise and enjoy the sunset from the beach or the colors of autumn trees that begin to emerge. Breathe nature a little and recharge your energy.
Surprise yourself - Do you remember those spa vacations you've been wanting to do for so long that you do not even remember? Well, do not wait any longer ... check! Book now and treat yourself a little!